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I highly recommend Dan Dennison as your agent! Dan is a remarkable person with so many qualities and is the most knowledgeable real estate agent I have ever known. FYI, I have bought and sold 14 different homes in various states and Dan is the best Realtor a family could have! He is trustworthy, honest and creative!

Dan Dennison has been my agent throughout the entire process of the search for my first home. Having witnessed many friends and family members go through this process throughout the years, I knew I needed a trustworthy and patient agent. Dan is knowledgeable (with decades of experience in Real Estate across multiple states in the country), professional (has an MBA in addition to his experience in the field), friendly (has two friendly dogs as well!), and patient (took his time explaining and answering any questions I had).

I absolutely loved working with Dan while purchasing my first home in Kensington. He is an extremely honest and reliable individual with strong ethics, traits much needed in the business. If you are new to buying a home (as I was) you will not need someone to find the home for you. Zillow, Trulia, Google, etc will serve the search process with ease. It is really once you are in the position to see the house and make an offer that a Realtor becomes indispensable. You need someone to guide you through the complex process, negotiate, and make sure the contract is written in a way that protects you. I cannot stress this enough.

During our offer, the contract was initially changed (unbeknownst to me) in quite unfavorable terms to me which Dan pushed successfully to get changed. Additionally, he was forceful during the inspection process. I ended up getting a lot of money to pay for repairs that were needed (it’s a 1931 home). I also bought the home for cheaper than the listed price. It was great working with Dan, I would work again with him, and I would refer him to anyone who asked.

My family is from Canada. To Canadians, buying a house in US is a little tricky.  However, Dan helped us explored all opportunities from buying a new home, a resale home and even build my own home.When a house was meeting our criteria, Dan was actively working with the other agent to secure the transaction in the very active market of middle 2013.  During the transaction period, Dan was helping us as much as he could. With his help we moved in to the house as planned.  Dan is very honest in the housing shopping, very open to all pros and cons.  He is always thinking what we think.  This bring us the comfort in the whole shopping process.  Thanks to Dan

I’ve worked with a lot of Agents over the years and Dan Dennison is one of the best! He takes time to find out how to support his clients best and goes out to work hard to help them get it.  This is someone you can trust to always help you make the right decision.The Real Estate industry would be an even better place if there was more Agents like Dan.

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